Kodable + Pom-pom critters


Kodable (by SurfScore) is a fun programming app for Kindergarten-5th grade. Teachers will find that it blends easily with the many pom-pom craft projects enjoyed in elementary schools. This colorful pom-pom critters project is from Create Art With Me! Try making similar characters and let students act out Kodable programming!

Try these websites to learn more about Kodable iPad app, and various Create Art with Me pom-pom crafts.

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Tiggly Counts, by Tiggly


Tangible Tech Collaborative: Tiggly Counts (by Tiggly) offers 3-7year olds an opportunity to develop number sense and early math strategies. It combines touchscreen technology with graspable plastic pieces that interact with a child’s iPad (or tablet) apps. Some may also know Tiggly Shapes by this same development team.

Discover more learning games and tangible tech ideas at Tiggly.



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inFORM, by MIT Media Lab – Tangible Media Group

inFORM, by MIT

Tangible Tech Collaborative: The release of inFORM (by MIT Media Lab – Tangible Media Group) was exciting and long-awaited! inFORM’s abilities to read 3D items and scan for movement, are coupled with an ability to reconstruct this info in another setting. Applications for education and long distance design work are immense!

You can learn more about the amazing inFORM at the Media Lab.

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Mr. Wagon project

Mr. Wagon, by Megan Chiou

The Mr. Wagon project by Megan Chiou, Kunal Chawla, and Alfredo Sandes, Stanford University.

Tangible Tech Collaborative: The wooden robotics set called “Mr. Wagon” is a joint creation of Megan Chiou, Kunal Chawla and Alfredo Sandes, which began in their studies at Stanford University, with Paulo Blickstein. Their innovative design aims to make coding and programming intuitive, by combining digital and analog features.

Discover more about the interesting Mr. Wagon project at their website.

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