Bit Planner, experimental tangible calendar


Bit Planner

Tangible Tech Collaborative: The Bit Planner calendar project is by Adrian Westaway, Clara Gaggero and Duncan Fitzimons, who designed it to make “the most of the tangibility of physical objects, and the ubiquity of digital platforms.” Although still an experiment (and not an endorsed Lego product) their studio version uses color-coded Lego bricks for each team member, and smartphone software for digital time-keeping.

Explore their Bit Planner Vimeo and visit their website

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Cubetto Playset, by Primo

Cubetto, by

Tangible Tech Collaborative: With Cubetto Playset (by Primo) young children pop colorful arrow blocks into a wooden sequencing box to instruct the wooden “Cubetto” robot. Especially appreciated are the green blocks that serve as a function keys for subroutines. Nice! Options can include wooden obstacles and build- a-robot opportunities.

You can learn more at

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Bringing Technology to the Sandbox, Fred Rogers Center

Bringing Tech to the sandbox

Tangible Tech Collaborative: Sarah Jackson writes this helpful Fred Rogers Center blog post in a piece entitled, “Bringing Technology to the Sandbox.” In it she quotes from Frances Judd of the Tangible Tech Collaborative: “If we can find technology that is relevant to the sand table, to the block area, to the water table, then we have reached an important learning moment, and the reality is that this technology is available now.”

Please read Sarah Jackson’s post from Fred Rogers Center about the importance of finding and creating developmentally appropriate technology and media for children.

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Snap Rover®, by Elenco

Snap Rover® by snap circuitsjpg

Tangible Tech Collaborative: With a Snap Rover® kit by Elenco, students (3rd-5th grade) can build their own educational radio controlled vehicles. This innovative product is a valuable component for STEM education, and joins easily with other Snap Circuits® pieces. As with all of the colorful Snap Circuits® projects, there is no soldering!

Visit their inviting website to learn more about Snap Rover® and other Snap Circuits® kits from Elenco.

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TERN TopCode Projects, TIDAL Lab


Tangible Tech Collaborative: We love exploring the interesting hands-on learning projects coming from Northwestern University’s TIDAL Lab. TIDAL stands for Tangible Interaction Design And Learning. Their innovative projects include programming puzzle sets, wooden coding blocks, museum exhibits, and “Roberto” the computational literacy sticker-book to program dance moves with scannable movable TopCodes.

Learn more about the inspiring tangible interface designs from Northwestern University’s TIDAL Lab.

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Kano Computer & Coding Kit, by Kano

kano kit-basic-components@2x


Tangible Tech Collaborative: Kano is a pop-together working Raspberry Pi computer. The Kano kit has accessible hardware, Learn-To-Code games, and “Raspbian” software designed for beginning programmers and makers. Who wouldn’t want to put together their own functioning computer and discover computer science through tinkering and making?

Discover more interesting features of the Kano kit at Kano.

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Robot Turtles, by ThinkFun & Robot Turtles, LLC.

Tangible Tech Collaborative: When playing with the Robot Turtles Board Game (by Think Fun) children create programming logic with playing cards and tangible game pieces.  The companion eBook (by Robot Turtles LLC) offers interactive exchanges, expanding the story narrative for these fun Robot Turtle characters inspired by the Logo programming language.

Learn more about the fun Robot Turtles board-game and eBook at Robot Turtles.robot turtle game layout


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Morphi, by The Inventery, Inc.

Morphi iPad app twitter

Tangible Tech Collaborative: Morphi iPad app (by The Inventery, Inc.) lets players design items for 3D modeling and printing. The app is free, with additional features available for purpose. Select preset modeling components or draw with individualized free-form creativity! Designs are stored in a gallery for direct export.

Learn more about this 3D modeling and printing app at Morphi.


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Building Blocks of Coding

Fred Rogers Cnt. Bldg Blocks of Comp. Prog.

This Fred Rogers Center piece “Do the Building Blocks of Computer Programming Begin in Preschool?” was written by Frances Judd of the Tangible Tech Collaborative. It encourages early childhood educators to move past “tech vs. no tech” discussions, as we begin a thoughtful search for developmentally appropriate foundations of coding, programming and computational thinking in the early years.

Read the full article on the roots of coding and programming at Fred Rogers Center Blog.

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WeDo Engineering, by Lego®

Lego® WeDo, by Lego® (at BDS school)

Tangible Tech Collaborative: WeDo Engineering, WeDo Engineering (by Lego®) offers sets of lego-bricks and software to create moveable engineering sets.  These two kindergarten students from Chicago’s innovative Bennett Day School are using a WeDo Kit that combines coding experiences with Scratch, and hands-on engineering with Legos.

Learn more about WeDo Engineering at Lego® Engineering. Discover more about classroom uses of tangible tech and innovative approaches to education at Bennett Day School.

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Bee-Bot app + Robots


Students using the app “Bee-Bot” (by TTS Group) tap arrow symbols to program an adorable bee. This is also true for those who try out real-world “Bee-Bot” robots. This helpful pdf from the ICT Learning Innovation Centre is among the very best online resources for describing teacher uses of Bee-Bot robotics

You can download the Bee-Bot app or read this helpful PDF to learn more about how Bee-Bot can be used in the classroom.

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Sprout, by HP

Sprout, by HP

Tangible Tech Collaborative: Sprout (by HP) offers outstanding potential for education. It’s ability to import and process information about 3D items, handwriting, and book-pages make it a tool that every 4th grade teacher would love! Let’s hope it’s designers and manufacturer consider the needs of elementary education as they continue to develop this type of tangible tech.

You can learn more about Sprout on their website.

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UNI, by MotionSavvy

UNI, by MotionSavvy (BEST)

Tangible Tech Collaborative: UNI (by MotionSavvy) is a two-way communication device designed to translate sign language into speech, and speech into text. Motion Savvy is currently crowd- sourcing a full library of American Sign Language for this highly awaited innovation in interactive technology. Expected delivery is Fall of 2015!

You can learn more about UNI on their website.

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BrandNewNoise, by Richard Upchurch


Tangible Tech Collaborative: The BrandNewNoise products (by Richard Upchurch) are handcrafted wooden sound gadgets, created for tinkering with sound, messaging, loops, music, and more. Each of these compelling gizmos combine analog and digital technology. Also try the DIY Kit to build a simple sound recording device of your own!

Learn more about interesting sound gadgets and devices at BrandNewNoise.

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