Tangi Tech!

This is the Tangible Tech Collaborative (Tangi Tech).

Within the fields of children’s technology and digital learning, we encourage developmentally appropriate experiences that blend hands-on investigations and digital interface design.

Enjoy these resources, articles and creative “mashups” designed to blend coding apps with hands-on activities.

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Sphero Robot & App by Orbotix Inc.


Tangible Tech Collaborative: The Sphero line of rolling robots can be programmed from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This line also includes ramps and nubby covers for outdoor robotics challenges!

See app details at Orbotix Inc. iTunes.  Discover more about the Sphero line of tangible tech products at their fun Sphero website.  Teachers may also want to try Sphero Education for curated Twitter items from schools.

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Cubelets Six Kit, by Modular Robotics



Tangible Tech Collaborative: Cubelets snap-together computerized cubes (for ages 4+) can be arranged in different ways to make different moving robots. These 6 Cubelets are categoized in this way: ACTION Cubelets (1 Drive, 1 Flashlight), SENSE Cubelets (1 Brightness, 1 Distance) and THINK Cubelets (1 Battery, 1 Passive).  How fun for early robotics!

Learn more on their fun Cubelets’ website. Also visit their Education page with sample lesson plans and student challenges.

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