Bee-Bot Robot for Kids, by TTS Group

Bee-Bot K-Programs

Tangible Tech Collaborative: It was inspiring to work with young students to explore Bee-Bot Robot by TTS Group.  These child-made diagrams show how kindergarteners imagined their own programs for their classroom Bee-Bot as it navigated pathways of colorful squares made of construction paper.  Find out how your young students would sketch their own ideas about coding and programming!

See Bee-Bot and Associated Resources at TTS Group for more information on Bee-Bot robots and related educational resources for classroom STEM activities.

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KIBO, by KinderLab Robotics & DevTech Research Group


Tangible Tech Collaborative: It was great fun to get a tour of the lab at Tufts University DevTech Research Group and see what’s in development there.  Shown here is their hand-made KIBO puppet being created to help inform children about the many interesting functions of the real KIBO Robot (being produced by KinderLab Robotics).

The DevTech Research Group’s website explains that “Prof. Marina Umaschi Bers and her students in the DevTech Research Group examine the role of computational technologies that are developmentally appropriate for young children and that help them learn about new things in new ways.”  We appreciate the helpful and inspiring tour offered by Marina Umaschi Bers.  Thanks again!

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Strawbies: Tangible Programming Project, headed by Felix Hu

Strawbies square

Tangible Tech Collaborative: Strawbies Tangible Programming Game is an innovative project from inventor/programmer Felix Hu, with designers Ariel Zekelman and Eric Uchalik. Players (ages 5+) use handheld pieces with scannable TopCodes to program instructions for an on-screen character “Awbie.” Older players discover complexity, strategy, logic and looping within Hu’s programming features. Current iterations use an Osmo stand and reflector with iPad for digital/tangible interactions.

Enjoy this Strawbies Demo by videographer/editor Rhoderick Magsino. (Project advisors: Michael S. Horn from TIDAL Lab and Frances Judd from the Tangible Tech Collaborative.)

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