Building Blocks of Coding

Fred Rogers Cnt. Bldg Blocks of Comp. Prog.

This Fred Rogers Center piece “Do the Building Blocks of Computer Programming Begin in Preschool?” was written by Frances Judd of the Tangible Tech Collaborative. It encourages early childhood educators to move past “tech vs. no tech” discussions, as we begin a thoughtful search for developmentally appropriate foundations of coding, programming and computational thinking in the early years.

Read the full article on the roots of coding and programming at Fred Rogers Center Blog.

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Cultural Forms in Tangible Interaction


How children play and interact with a given design can be related to intuition that derives from various cultural influences. Michael S. Horn, director of Northwestern University’s TIDAL (Tangible Interaction Design and Learning) Lab writes about the nuances of designing tangible technologies in this paper: “Cultural Forms in Tangible Interaction.”

The Role of Cultural Forms in Tangible Interaction Design

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