Daisy the Dinosaur + Dough


Tangible Tech Collaborative: K-5th grade students learn early coding skills with “Daisy The Dinosaur” iPad app (by Hopscotch) as they drag & drop simple commands to program Daisy. This highly popular dino-themed app pairs beautifully with the classic hand-on play dough activity shown here from Shaunna Evans’ piece for Fantastic Fun & Learning.

Learn more about Daisy the Dinosaur on the App Store on iTunes and try more creative ideas from Dinosaur Play Dough – Fantastic Fun & Learning.

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Bee-Bot app + Robots


Students using the app “Bee-Bot” (by TTS Group) tap arrow symbols to program an adorable bee. This is also true for those who try out real-world “Bee-Bot” robots. This helpful pdf from the ICT Learning Innovation Centre is among the very best online resources for describing teacher uses of Bee-Bot robotics

You can download the Bee-Bot app or read this helpful PDF to learn more about how Bee-Bot can be used in the classroom.

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Kodable + Pom-pom critters


Kodable (by SurfScore) is a fun programming app for Kindergarten-5th grade. Teachers will find that it blends easily with the many pom-pom craft projects enjoyed in elementary schools. This colorful pom-pom critters project is from Create Art With Me! Try making similar characters and let students act out Kodable programming!

Try these websites to learn more about Kodable iPad app, and various Create Art with Me pom-pom crafts.

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